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Sourcing Pastry Ingredients

March 3, 2008


Producing French cakes and pastries often requires sourcing hard-to-find ingredients. For the home baker, this is a common problem since food wholesalers/distributors typically sell ingredients in bulk and are unwilling to repackage their products to sell smaller quantities to the general public.

Since coming to Singapore, I have been pleasantly surprised to find several retail stores that offer a fine selection of professional level pastry ingredients in small quantities. For example, I’ve been able to find praline paste, paillete feuilletine, Valrhona and Michel Cluizel chocolates, Tahitian vanilla beans, Eurovanille products, Fabbri flavoring products, Sicilian pistachios, and AOC Echiré butter. Certainly having these ingredients available does extend my creativity further when conceptualising new recipes and even testing out recipes from my favorite pastry books.

An interesting American online business called L’Epicerie is a concept that I can only hope for here in Singapore or Malaysia. They sell professional quality ingredients in smaller quantities for home cooks and bakers. L’Epicerie carries ingredients that I have always wanted but have never been able to find in retail outlets. For example, products such as trimoline, atomized glucose, dextrose, Cremodan 30 ice cream stabilizer, and Mandelin “fine” almond flour (for making macarons!) are all available on their online shop.

Overall, I am happy with the French pastry scene here in Singapore and am glad to see quality ingredients, which were previously only available to professional pastry chefs, now available to the baking enthusiast at home.

Here are some of my favorite places in Singapore to shop for pastry ingredients:

Sun Lik Trading Pte Ltd
33 Seah Street Singapore 188389
Tel : +65 6338 0980
Fax : +65 6339 2685
(Valrhona chocolates, Felchlin Praline Paste, Paillete Feuilletine, Tahitian vanilla beans)

Culina Quality Food & Beverage
Tanglin Village
8 Dempsey Road #01-13
Tel: +65 6474 7338
Fax +65 6476 4388
(AOC Echiré Butter, Sicilian Pistachios, Fabbri Flavoring products, Eurovanille products, Michel Cluizel Chocolates)

Phoon Huat & Co (Pte) Ltd
Various locations across Singapore
(Apple Pectin, Ravifruit fruit pureés, Bourbon vanilla beans, general baking ingredients)