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Dian Xiao Er

December 16, 2007


It was Friday evening and my wife and I were both working late so we decided to head out for dinner. We decided on a restaurant call Dian Xiao Er at Marina Square. We had passed by this place several months ago when we were shopping around for mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and we noted to ourselves that we would try out this place one day in the near future.. What caught our attention with Dian Xiao Er was the decor which resembled a food eatery right out of an old kung fu movie. Complete with wooden chairs and tables, hanging lanterns and even waiters dressed in traditional ‘Xiao Er” (waiter) costumes, we found the whole concept really interesting.

Although it was Friday evening and it was a full house, we didn’t wait more than 15 minutes before we got our table. During our wait, we were given menus to look at and we had the option of placing our order right there on the spot. Once we were ready, the hostess took our order and soon thereafter, we were seated at our table. This ordering system actually worked very well since as soon as we were seated, we were given our drinks and waited only a few minutes before we received our preordered dishes. We ordered the following dishes: House Special Xiao Er Beancurd, Mongolian Spareribs, Braised Assorted Mushrooms with Vegetables

House Special Xiao Er Beancurd

This deep fried dish consisted of tofu that was mixed with prawns. It was accompanied by a few pieces of broccoli and topped with a nice savoury sauce. This dish worked well with the delicate sauce flavoring the crunchy texture of the tofu/prawn combination.

Mongolian Spareribs

Another deep fried dish consisting of pork ribs mixed in a slightly spicy and caramalised black pepper sauce. This dish provided a very strong flavor of sweetness and mild spiciness and despite the fact that the black pepper taste was a bit on the weak side, it tasted good nevertheless.

Braised Assorted Mushrooms with Vegetables

It’s hard to get vegetables wrong and this dish pretty much was on the mark. It consisted of Chinese mushrooms, straw mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, and broccoli in nice light savoury sauce.

Although Dian Xiao Er is known for their herbal duck dishes we didn’t order this dish this time. We did not feel like having duck for dinner but will ensure we try this specialty during our next trip there.

Overall, the food was good and our expectations were met for this mid-priced restaurant. Service was quite attentive considering it was a full house. If you are looking for a mid-end restaurant serving tasty Chinese fare at reasonable prices, I would recommend Dian Xiao Er.


Value for Money (4 out of 5)
Service (4 out of 5)
Food (3 out of 5)

Dian Xiao Er
#02-203/204 Marina Square
Tel: (65) 6337 1928


Opening Hours:
Daily: 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-9:30pm;
(Last order at 9:30pm)