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The Versatility of Cake Rings

April 26, 2008

Stainless steel cake rings are one of the more versatile tools in my “batterie de cuisine“. I typically use cake rings of various sizes and shapes (round, square, rectangular, triangular, etc) to bake, chill, and freeze cakes and entremets.

Cake rings are bottomless moulds that requires a flat baking sheet lined with parchment paper liner to act as its bottom. I use cake rings as a direct replacement to the more commonly used springform pan.

A springform pan is a two piece pan composed of an expandable ring with a release latch for easy removal with an interconnected and removable bottom. While I have used springform pans in the past, I have now completely switched to using cake rings when making cakes or entremets.


In a previous posting, I provided a recipe for my Flourless Chocolate Soufflé Cake where I used a 16cm diameter/6cm height cake ring to bake my cake. It is particularly important when using cake rings to bake that the baking sheet (which acts as a bottom for the cake ring) be completely flat. Using warped or uneven baking sheets can lead to significant batter leakage onto the baking sheet and will affect the height of the baked cake. For very loose batters or situations where water baths are required, aluminum foil can be wrapped around the bottom of the cake ring to form a base to retain and protect the batter.


A common technique used in professional pastry kitchens is to use acetate liners to line cake rings when making chilled or frozen entremets.

For home bakers, you can cut pieces of acetate sheets to fit the circumference and height of the ring and use this as a liner for your ring moulds. What is the reason for doing so? One reason is it acts as a release mechanism between the entremet and the cake ring. With acetate liner in place, you simply lift or push the entremet out of the ring mould and you get a very clean finish. Without acetate lining, you would require a heat gun (or hairdryer) to melt the sides of the ring to release the entremet from the mould.

By exclusively using cake rings for cake and entremet making, I essentially eliminate the need to purchase many different types of pans which will ultimately save me money and space in the long run.

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