SaltnChoc – A Unique Fondue Experience

I am an entrepreneur at heart and have had my share of entrepreneurial ventures in my lifetime. I always tend to root for and support new and promising restaurants when they open since it does take a tremendous effort and sweat to get a respectable food business off the ground. I am especially more excited when close friends of mine sets up a new restaurant venture. Such was the case yesterday when I attended the soft launch of SaltnChoc, a new and exciting Asian steamboat (also called fondue or ‘huo guo’) and chocolate fondue restaurant in Damansara Heights in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

SaltnChoc is the brainchild of my close friends, Pierre Chaillou and Agnes Chan, serial entrepreneurs in the food industry with a string of successful restaurant ventures under their belt, together with another Malaysian investor. Steamboats of the communal type are commonplace in KL and many parts of Asia but SaltnChoc is trying to tap into another less common but growing trend which is the individual steamboat business. Billed as a more hygienic way of eating, individual steamboat provides each diner with their own individualised broth together with its associated condiments. Diners also have the option of choosing chocolate fondue as an alternative to Asian steamboat. Although the chocolate fondue wasn’t available during the soft launch yesterday, I do believe this will be popular with diners that crave for something or anything chocolate.

Offering Asian steamboat together with chocolate fondue under one roof may seem like a strange combination at first but if you look at the nature of how the two are served, you can see that they are rather complementary in nature. Both use a direct heat source to heat the broth (steamboat) or chocolate ganache (chocolate fondue) while condiments are dipped into the heated liquid to either cook or coat the item. Providing the option for a combined savoury (salty) and sweet (chocolate) fondue experience in one seating was the main concept behind SaltnChoc.

To locate SaltnChoc, the restaurant is rather obscurely tucked away in a small row of shophouses just off Jalan Batai near the Pusat Bandar Damansara Immigration office and is on the other side of the more famous Hock Lee supermarket.

If you are looking for a unique experience with good food at very decent prices, please do check out SaltnChoc!

Update: SaltnChoc has shutdown operations at the end of 2008.


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10 Responses to “SaltnChoc – A Unique Fondue Experience”

  1. Agnes Says:

    Hi Hi, thank you so much for the exceptional write up, you have been generous.
    I look forward to seeing you in Salt N Choc again and this time, we must twist Pierre’s arm to make the fondues!


  2. stickofachef Says:

    Hi Agnes,

    Thanks for dropping by! I had lots of fun at the soft opening. I know you guys will do well with SaltnChoc. I’m just now waiting for you guys to open your second location! See you guys soon! 😀

  3. Pierre Says:

    Thks Peter but you make me shy… No need to twist my arm, it’s already so bad 😦 and the chocolate fondue is already available so that Peter can enjoy his favorite Valrohna. Cheers n take care

  4. Pierre Says:

    Guys to reach us kindly log to the web site and see the map. See you there

  5. mightyroy Says:

    Hi, I love your blog. I also love eclairs a lot and was wondering if you could write an entry on them. My eclair shells alway turn up with unsightly large cracks and look horrible in comparison to those seamless ones at Fauchon. How do you bake eclairs that have no cracks?
    These look too perfect to be real, but I’ve really seen them when I was in Tokyo two weeks back.


  6. stickofachef Says:

    Hi Mightyroy,

    Thanks for dropping by. You ask an excellent question regarding how to make choux shells with minimal cracking. As requested, I’ll dedicate my next blog entry to making eclairs and how to avoid making choux shells with large cracks.

    All the best.

  7. mightyroy Says:

    Thank You! 

  8. Crankshaft Says:

    After trying it yesterday at Salt N Choc, I can certainly vouch for brilliant fondue.

  9. PiterJankovich Says:

    My name is Piter Jankovich. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english

    • stickofachef Says:

      Hi Piter,

      Thanks for visiting. Yes, this blog is my hobby.

      I’m happy you’ve enjoyed the contents of my blog.


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