My Favourite Brownie Recipe

I like my brownies chewy. I like my brownies chewy and unadorned with nuts. There are so many variations of brownies and so many recipes out there and I’ve tried many of them but I’ve always come back to my own recipe that I have modified to suit my taste. It’s such a simple recipe that you don’t even need a mixer. You simply weigh the ingredients and mix everything by hand. Simple as that.

This recipe is extremely versatile in that I can use it to make a standalone brownie (as pictured above) or I can use it as a base component in some of my chocolate entremets. It freezes well for long term storage and is very transportable at room temperature.

My recipe below is baked in an 8 inch square pan. After baking, the brownie will be almost 1 inch (roughly 2.25 cm) in height and 8 x 8 inches on the sides. There is hardly any shrinkage. The chewiness in the brownie comes from the addition of extra egg whites. You can add a teaspoon of instant coffee if you’d like or just leave that out altogether and enjoy the brownie as is in its pure chocolate form. You can use any good quality chocolate in this recipe (no compound chocolate!) ranging from 55% – 72% but the small volume of couverture chocolate in this brownie recipe is such that you can get away with using a sweeter 55% couverture chocolate. My recipe below uses 55% couverture chocolate and I have adjusted the sugar content to reflect the added sweetness in the chocolate. Where I do not skimp on is the cocoa powder. I only use high quality dutch-processed cocoa powder from Cacao Barry or Valrhona. There is a high ratio of cocoa powder in the recipe so you want to be sure you use the best quality you can obtain.

I encourage you to tweak this recipe to your taste by adding walnuts, pecans or even peppermint oil to give it a minty chocolate taste. Many people add a layer of ganache to top off the brownie but I generally leave that step out. I like my plain brownie warmed with a quenelle of good quality vanilla bean ice-cream. Simple as that!

Brownie Recipe

200g Fine granulated sugar
70g All purpose flour
40g Cocoa powder
1/2 tsp Baking powder
1/8 tsp Salt
60g Unsalted butter
56g 55% Couverture chocolate
50g Whole egg
60g Egg Whites
15g Vegetable oil
1g Instant coffee powder (Optional)

– Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Celsius.
– Grease an 8 x 8 inch square cake pan. Lay an 8 x 8 inch piece of parchment paper on the inside of the pan.
– Sift the all purpose flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt together in a bowl.
– Melt the couverture chocolate together with the butter in a bowl. Once melted, mix until well combined.
– In a large mixing bowl, add the fine granulated sugar, whole egg and egg whites. Using a mixing spoon, mix the sugar with the eggs until you have a wet mixture.
– Add the vegetable oil and the optional coffee powder (if desired) to the wet mixture and mix until well combined.
– Add the warm chocolate mixture to the wet mixture and mix until well combined.
– Fold in the dry mixture into the wet mixture. Fold carefully until combined.
– Pour brownie batter into the square cake pan.
– Bake for roughly 20-25 minutes. You will know when the brownie is done when the centre is somewhat firm to the touch.


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6 Responses to “My Favourite Brownie Recipe”

  1. MIMIE Says:

    Super tout ça, merci pour la recette, surtout qu’elle est en français,je testerai.


  2. stickofachef Says:

    Cher Mimie,

    Bienvenue. Je suis heureux que tu trouves mes recettes sont interessant.

    Je te souhaite bonne chance! 🙂

  3. hakkamui Says:

    As for me, I shall wait for you to deliver 🙂

  4. stickofachef Says:

    Hi Hakamui,

    It really is an easy recipe to follow. You should give it a try… 🙂

  5. tellaure Says:

    hi there. i stumbled upon your blog from google …

    i’m really interested in pastry making and the science behind it.

    so i’d like to ask, what’s the purpose of the vegetable oil in this recipe? most recipes for brownies i see use butter exclusively. does the addition of vegetable oil results in a more tender texture?

    thank you for your attention!

  6. stickofachef Says:

    Hi Tellaure,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    You ask a very good question. The main reason vegetable oil is used is because it adds properties that you would otherwise not gain from butter. Using oil rather than butter is a matter of part choice and part chemistry. In my case, using vegetable oil imparts a more neutral taste than that of butter (the taste of chocolate will stand out more this way). Also, the oil will lose less moisture during the baking process which will keep the brownie soft. If you’ve ever baked a carrot cake, you’ll come across this same science. The key is not to use too much oil in your recipe. Other recipes you may have come across that use butter may use butter in ways that complements the chocolate in that recipe to achieve a distinct taste and texture. Neither is right or wrong. It’s a matter of experimenting and tasting to see which versions you like best.

    Admittedly, I very rarely ever use any sort of oil in any of my chocolate creations and almost exclusively use butter. Butter adds flavor that complements most types of cakes and pastries that oil very much lacks (or oil that has flavor may impart a disagreeable and disharmonious taste to your baked creation). This recipe is really the only exception to my rule.

    Hope this helps.

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