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I’m a big fan of Iron Chef. Actually, I’m a big fan of Iron Chef Japan. I prefer the older episodes of Iron Chef from Japan rather than the newer episodes from Iron Chef America.

For the uninitiated, Iron Chef was a television program spawned out of Japan from 1993 to 1999. The format of the show showcased an eccentric gourmet named Chairman Kaga and his team of “Iron Chefs”. The Iron Chefs, handpicked by Chairman Kaga himself, were prominent and much respected chefs within their particular cuisines (French, Japanese, Chinese, and Italian). In each episode they were pitted against a challenger from Japan or abroad and for one hour each contender was expected to cook a multicourse meal using a theme ingredient chosen by Chairman Kaga. The battles tended to be very intense with the chefs scrambling to complete as many dishes within a one hour timeframe. Following the one hour contest, the prepared dishes were then served to a panel of tasters. These tasters comprised of Chairman Kaga with his invited guests (typically famous personalities and food critics). Upon completion of the food tasting, the tasters would then judge the food against certain criteria and then Chairman Kaga would announce the winner.

Of the 300 episodes of Iron Chef that aired in Japan, roughly 180 of those episodes were dubbed into English when the Food Network picked up the program to air in the USA. As a result of the dubbed episodes, Iron Chef has become a cult favorite among foodies in all parts of the world.


To get my regular fix of Iron Chef, I turn to the most authoritative source for Iron Chef videos on the Internet. I go to Iron Chef Collection. Iron Chef Collection is made up of a group of very generous like-minded individuals who banded together to offer free Iron Chef videos to the general public. This group of individuals actually started their video distribution in 2007 in the now defunct website called was a website somewhat similar to YouTube where users could upload videos for sharing and common viewing. At one point last year, it was discovered that several people who registered with Stage6 shared the same passion for collecting Iron Chef episodes and so a special section was created on to feature Iron Chef episodes. More and more viewers started flowing into as a result and it was clear that this site on the Internet was set to become the defacto site for all Iron Chef fans. However, several months before went under, the hosts of suddenly deleted a big chunk of the uploaded Iron Chef episodes with no advanced warning. As such, the individuals who uploaded most of the episodes onto decided to boycott the website and started their own blog dedicated to their Iron Chef collections. I, for one, am grateful to them for their time and effort in continuing to make Iron Chef accessible to the masses.

You will have to register to have access to the video database in the blog but it is painless and easy so there should be no reason why you can’t enjoy what’s offered from the Iron Chef Collection. You can stream the episodes into your browser and watch them online or you can download them onto your hard disk for later viewing.

Allez Cuisine!!!!


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9 Responses to “Iron Chef Collection”

  1. Ben Says:

    thank you for posting this link. i was so depressed when stage6 went under as they pulled all the episodes from Also, so you know. some kind soul posted 157 episodes on pirate bay. its a huge chunk (35gb) but i think its every dubbed episode and special.

  2. Tuthead Says:

    Thank you for the kind words about our site. We will continue to add episodes every week until we have just about all of the dubbed episodes available for download (174 of 180-ish). We even have a few Japanese language specials and episodes that never aired outside of Japan.

    New Episodes of the Week posts go up every Tuesday or Wednesday. Enjoy.

  3. stickofachef Says:

    Ben, glad you are finally hooked up with Iron Chef!

    Tuthead, I only endorse blogs and websites that I use with confidence and you guys are certainly doing a great job with your commentary and uploads of Iron Chef episodes. I hope more traffic is driven to your blog as a result! Keep up the great work!

  4. Tuthead Says:

    Here is an update about a very exciting addition to the Iron Chef Collection. We have recently added the Japan Cup 2002 special that did not air on Food Network. We also acquired the last episode we needed to have the entire list of episodes that aired on Food Network.

  5. Kay Bryan Says:

    I LOVE Iron Chef Japan. I wish they still did the show. Wish it was still produced. . .

  6. tuthead Says:

    Thought I would give another update about the site.
    –I have every single episode that aired on Food Network.
    –I have almost 30 Japanese language episodes that did not air on Food Network. (Some still need to be added, but most are available now)
    –I have 5 Japanese language, English subtitled episodes from the pre-Food Network local airings. (3 of them are available for download/viewing now.)

  7. hicalcium Says:

    Hi, It’s excellent to see sites with bing and thanks for the share that you’ve given. Commonly, I’m really amazed, but etc.

  8. Cindy Says:

    i love iron chef too.
    it is an awesome show that i watch regularly now

  9. Susan Says:

    Iron Chef Japan, on the Food Network Nightly.
    If you have Direct TV, thats channel 232.
    I have been putting every one on tape. And now only the ones that
    I have never seen, so the project is going on as long as it takes. Still love watching the show, but quit watching Iron Chef America, when I found out, the chef’s make only 1 meal then it taken into the kitchen and remade, then served,,,,,later on. So cutting & paste. Iron Chef Japan doesnt use cut & paste, but real time.. Love it, watch it, remember it.

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