Eurochef Malaysia – A New Start


I was in KL over the last several days and had a chance to drop in on my dear friends at Eurochef Malaysia. To ring in the Year of the Rat, Eurochef officially launched their new concept store on February 15th, 2008 with an auspicious lion dance ceremony. Although I had received the invitation to attend the grand opening, I did not have the opportunity to do so since I was traveling at that time. I finally had the chance to visit their new shop yesterday at Plaza Damas and was very happy to see that their new facility was both spacious and well laid out.


For those new to my blog, I am a huge supporter of Eurochef and the professional kitchen equipment and tools they offer. They offer outstanding quality and a large selection of tools to the retail market that simply can’t be matched at local kitchen supply shops. Eurochef offers the same tools that hotel and restaurant chefs use so you know this equipment will withstand the beating and abuse usually associated with professional kitchen environments.

During my visit, I was happy to see that the store layout was well designed and the floor space had visibly increased. The delineation of the different categories of tools and equipment were logically segregated thereby enhancing the shopping experience. During the soft launch earlier this year up until the official opening last, week, Eurochef Malaysia has seen a quantum jump in retail sales at their new location.


As usual, Eurochef’s knowledgeable and very capable staff was on hand to provide sales assistance when necessary.

If you have the chance, do make an effort to check out the store. I, for one, am extremely happy with the new shop and will be visiting them again soon.

Bravo to Rick, Dianne, and the team for a job well done!

Contact Details:

Eurochef Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Unit P-1-21, Block P
Plaza Damas
No. 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas, 50480
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: +6-03-6201-8863
Fax: +6-03-6201-4057



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8 Responses to “Eurochef Malaysia – A New Start”

  1. Hakkamui Says:

    Impressive writing! I like it, but I don’t bake!

  2. stickofachef Says:

    Hi Hakkamui,

    Welcome! You don’t have to know how to bake in order to enjoy my blog. Thanks for your support.


  3. TP Says:

    What a goldmine of tools! *drool* I need to get a job to be able to afford my ever-growing dream list of tools and books! Your blog touches on so many things close to my heart. Great job, Peter.

  4. stickofachef Says:

    Hi TP,

    Great to hear from you!

    Eurochef does contain a goldmine of tools! Knowing you and your artistic side of your baking skills, you would truly appreciate the level of quality and the diversity of the products that Eurochef has to offer in their shop. You should really make a trip out there to see them. I believe they are now closer to your home than when they were situated in KL.

    Thanks for your kind words! πŸ™‚


  5. Cedric Says:

    Hey , Just drop by this week during my term break , did not manage to see your fren but her staff served us instead. Service was great and also they really got a huge range of matfer products that can’t really find in SG. Price is slightly a bit higher then same item in SG , think due the import tax there. But we still spent alot there πŸ˜› Spend 1K rm and will get member card which entitled you to either 15%-25% on different items on your next purchases. Really glad we made a trip there though a bit funny cos our 3D2N to KL …. main purpose is to go to EuroChef πŸ˜›
    P/s : got my white set of chef knife n saw knife , hee hee .. no problems with the customs back to singapore also. Will be there again if got chance to go KL again ( cos we spent more then 1K there … pocket burn hole ) πŸ™‚ thanks again for the intro πŸ™‚

  6. stickofachef Says:

    Hi Cedric,

    Glad you found what you were looking for at Eurochef in KL. You’re right about the slightly higher prices in Malaysia. The import taxes and duties are higher in Malaysia. The member card you will be getting is a VIP member card entitling you to discounts. The card is only given out to corporate and valued customers so I’m glad you got it. Did they give you Eurochef’s latest brochure? If not, you can get it online at Whatever you need from the catalogue that Eurochef KL doesn’t carry in-store, they can specially order it for you. You can order things that you can’t find anywhere else at retail shops.

    Hope you also enjoyed the great hawker food in KL while you were there. Lots of great food to be had! πŸ™‚

  7. Cedric Says:

    Yup , got both the eurochef catalogue and the matfer one which has alot of books inside πŸ™‚ including some of the books you mentioned here. comparing the pricing when buying oversea it is more expensive but with the % , it might be cheaper , will be comparing then might order from whichever is cheaper πŸ™‚
    Sad to say … i had swollen throat during my trip there .. all the good foos i had a hard time swallowing 😦
    Also we will be showing the catalogue to the rest of classmates then maybe we will do a bulk order πŸ™‚ hee hee

  8. stickofachef Says:

    Hi Cedric,

    Whatever professional pastry books you will be ordering, you should review those books in your blog. Many people are always in search of reviews of these books.

    Hope you’ve recovered from your swollen throat. It’s a shame you didn’t get to enjoy the good food in KL as much with your swollen throat.

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