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I’m a firm believer in using high quality cooking/baking tools to achieve high quality results. This belief was greatly reinforced to me when I started working in a professional pastry kitchen at Fauchon. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dealt with problems in the past with warping baking sheets during baking which was caused by very thin gauge metal or very thin bottomed pots where cooking temperatures were uneven. Mind you, you can make do with cheaper equipment and achieve somewhat good results but what I have found from past experience is that I can achieve greater consistency with optimal results if I use high quality equipment.

Let’s now talk about price. High price does not always equal good quality. There are plenty of department stores and even home kitchen supply specialty shops selling high priced kitchen tools in Malaysia and Singapore that I have found the quality of these tools to be suspect. In fact, I have, in many cases, purchased professional level quality cooking and baking equipment from professional specialty shops that was priced the same as high-end equipment sold in large department stores but mine was of much much higher quality. In the end, you must do your market research to find out which brands produce the highest quality at the most reasonable prices. You will only know this from either working directly with particular brands, reading what others are saying about certain brands on public discussion boards, researching the Internet, or asking professionals what brands they tend to stick with in their career.

One confession I must make though. There are certain tools I buy that I am not too particular about with regards to quality. Tools like mixing spoons, bowl scrapers, measuring cups, for example, are things I can buy anywhere and am not partial to any brand. These are tools where performance is not critical to my food preparation and thus, I tend to buy these items cheap and treat them as disposable where necessary. Equipment like baking sheets, pots, pans, knives, and motorized equipment, (mixers, food processors, etc), I will purchase from professional sources and will spend as necessary to ensure I get the best equipment within my budget. This is where I make the least compromise and I am rarely disappointed when I go this route.

My favourite source for professional kitchen equipment is Eurochef in Asia (http://www.eurochefasia.com). Eurochef is part of the Matfer-Bourgeat Group (http://www.matferbourgeat.com), a French company founded in 1814 and has been a major supplier to the professional hotel and restaurant industry around the globe. Eurochef in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is where I source most of my kitchen equipment from and they provide a very personalized and friendly service. I recommend them highly.

Eurochef Malaysia
Unit P-1-21, Block P
Plaza Damas
No 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Sri Hartamas, 50480
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(opposite Yogazone)

Tel : +60 (0) 3 6201 8863
Fax : +60 (0) 3 6201 4057
Email : eurochef@streamyx.com


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9 Responses to “Quality tools = Performance?”

  1. Novice Chef Says:

    Can you please recommend stores in Singapore that sells EuroChef or good quality pastry equipment items such as Demarle Silpats and Matfer products?


  2. stickofachef Says:


    As of now, I’m not aware of any stores in Singapore that sell Matfer or Demarle cookware. However, I’ve had a look at Pantry Magic (http://www.pantry-magic.com/singapore/) located at Chip Bee Gardens (across from Holland Village) and they seem to have some decent quality cookware that may be suitable for you. Along the same strip where Pantry Magic is located, you can drop in at Shermay’s Cooking School (http://www.shermay.com/retail.htm) at their retail shop to take a look at their line of products. They have some decent cookware and silpats as well. I believe Phoon Huat (http://www.phoonhuat.com/) sells silpats too. I’ll ask my friends at Eurochef in KL to see if they have any resellers here in Singapore who resell Matfer products. I’ll come back to you soon with a reply one way or another.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Novice Chef Says:

    Thanks heaps for your information Chef, mostly appreciated.

  4. stickofachef Says:

    Hi Novice Chef,

    Got my reply back from my friends at Eurochef in KL. They said they believe you can get Matfer products from Sia Huat Pte Ltd. They have a retail shop on Temple Street in Chinatown (http://www.siahuat.com/aboutus/location_show.asp). From what I could see from Sia Huat’s website, they carry some professional brands but I didn’t see Matfer. I’m going to check them out soon to see just how extensive their product lines are.

    All the best!

  5. Novice Chef Says:

    I have visited all the equipment shops that you recomended to me. They are all excellent and thankfully I did not have to pay for excess weight when I check out of Singapore due to all the pastry toys that I had purchased. De Buyers products are available in Singapore at much more affordable price than I could ever dreamed of in Sydney. Definitely will return to hunt for more, FHA 08 seems to be the best time. Thanks ever so much for your kindest assistance and support.

    Warmest regards.

  6. stickofachef Says:

    Hi Novice Chef,

    It was my pleasure. I’m so glad you were able to find what you were looking for at the shops I recommended!

    Happy baking! ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Cedric Says:

    hey chef … me again …. the add u gave for eurochef … is it a retail store ? is it easy to find ? cos me n my classmate trying to get some matfer product , esp the matfer lame which i saw from their catalogue and other things of cos ๐Ÿ™‚ ( i m hooked on the white knife set which i can;t find in Sia huat ) thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. stickofachef Says:

    Hi Cedric,

    Yes, Eurochef in Malaysia is a retail operation. The shop is actually a little hidden but you should be able to find it with the help of some useful directions. If you want, you can contact Dianne directly from Eurochef at her email address (dianne@eurochef.com.my). Dianne and her team knows me personally so just let her know that I sent you. She’s very friendly and you’ll get great customer service from her. If you want, I’ll send her an email and cc: you to let her know that you are interested in some of their Matfer products.


  9. Post Nasal Drip Treatment : Says:

    we use a national panasonic food processor and this seems to be a bang for the buck;-‘

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