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I’m a foodie

November 28, 2007


I’m a foodie. In fact, my wife and I are both foodies. We are passionate about eating good food and we make no qualms about researching the best sources to find establishments that serve the best food.

In my forthcoming blogs, I shall shed some light into some of my past experiences with food from my previous travels around the globe and on my thoughts on the culinary scene here in Singapore (where I currently reside). I am, by no means, anywhere near an accomplished photographer but I shall try to take the best pictures possible to highlight my thoughts in my postings.

I’m sure you are asking yourself, “How did I become a foodie?”. Well, I grew up during my teens helping out in my father’s Chinese restaurant. I did everything you could imagine in the restaurant business except cook. Nevertheless, having worked in the kitchen around chefs during those early days really shaped my view towards food in a big way. Fast forward many years later and I really took on an appreciation for fine food when I starting traveling around the globe in my business career. I eventually left that career behind to start my own food business in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One highlight of my food career was when I worked at the central kitchen of the famed French food emporium, Fauchon in Astoria, New York. I worked with the industry’s best pastry chefs and I learned the secrets of mass production of French cake and pastry making. Fauchon in NY has since closed but the passion of French cake and pastry making still burns very brightly within me. I hope to share on some of my knowledge to you readers in my future postings.

Thanks for reading!