It’s Been Fun!

October 1, 2008

When I started writing my blog, Five Senses, in November 2007, I wanted to share what I had learned during my professional pastry days many years ago. I wanted to bring my readers into the mind of a pastry chef and cover topics that were typically on people’s minds about how pastry chefs performed some of their “magic”. Based on the comments that I have received from many of my articles, it looks like I had hit the right note with the topics that I’ve covered. I’ve also met some soon to be pastry chefs and aspiring home bakers as well. It has certainly been a fulfilling journey.

The volume of work in my present career has increased to the point where it has been difficult to put time towards updating my blog. In what I had thought would be a short lived experiment (I thought I wouldn’t last more than two months!) had turned into an 11 month engagement with my readers on the topic of professional pastry. It has definitely been fun but it is time to put away my pen and focus on other aspects of my life. As such, this will be my last blog entry.

To all my gracious readers who took the time to comment on my articles, I thank you tremendously. To the few who have stuck with me and have contributed to some of my content, I am eternally grateful. I wish everyone the best of luck in their pastry journey and to never give up their dreams of making it big.

Au revoir et à bientôt!